Instructor’s resources

The Public Sociology Instructors Manual is available to lecturers and tutors who use the book as a teaching text. It contains the following chapter-specific support material:

  • Ice breakers to facilitate classroom discussion

  • Case studies with discussion questions (which also appear on the Public Sociology support material available to students)

  • Essay questions and occasional class exercises

  • A list of chapter-relevant online video clips and weblinks (also available to students on the Public Sociology website)

In addition to this manual, lecturers can access a Multiple-choice Test Bank with questions drawn from each substantive chapter of the book, and PowerPoint lecture slides for each chapter of the text, which summarise the main content of the chapters and contain diagrams, illustrations, and tables that appear in the book.

Lecturers also have access to chapter-specific further reading extracts from relevant Allen & Unwin titles. This material is available to students through the main Public Sociology website, but has been included here for ease of reference.

This section of the site is only available to lecturers and can only be entered via a password. If you are a lecturer and would like to obtain a password, please contact Allen & Unwin at

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The photographs beginning the following chapters all © Fairfax Syndication. Photographers are Chapter 1: Andrew Quilty; Chapter 2: The Sydney Morning Herald; Chapter 6: Rob Homer;  Chapter 9: Rohan Thomson; Chapter 11: Anna Kucera; Chapter 12: Chris Hopkins; Chapter 13: Sandy Scheltema; Chapter 14: Justin McManus; Chapter 15: Paul Harris; Chapter 16: Marco Del Grande; Chapter 18: Melissa Adams; Chapter 19: Andrew Meares; Chapter 20: Marco Del Grande; Chapter 23: Quentin Jones; Chapter 26: Louise Kennerley.

The photographs beginning the following chapters all © Shutterstock. Photographers are: Chapter 4: Jacob Lund; Chapter 5: vitstudio; Chapter 7: Sunny studio; Chapter 8: hxdbzxy; Chapter 10: Africa Studio; Chapter 17: George Rudy; Chapter 21: View Apart; Chapter 22: ChiccoDodiFC; Chapter 24:; Chapter 25: Suti Stock Photo.

Chapter 3 montage images reproduced with permission of subjects. Additional permissions listed below.

Photographs of Herbert Blumer, Michael Burawoy, Charles Horton Cooley, Erving Goffman, Robert Merton and Talcott Parsons reproduced with permission of The American Sociological Association.

Additional picture permissions and credits as follows. Jean Baudrillard: reproduced with the permission of the European Graduate School, courtesy of Professor Hendrik Speck; Zygmunt Bauman: photograph by Mariusz Kubik; Ulrich Beck: courtesy of Almut Kleine; Judith Butler: courtesy of The University of California, Berkley; Manuel Castells: photograph by Maggie Smith; Raewyn Connell: reproduced with permission of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA); Jürgen Habermas: photograph by Wolfram Huke; Jean-François Lyotard: photograph by Bracha L. Ettinger.


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Table 15.1 reproduced by permission of SAGE Publications, London, Los Angeles, New Delhi and Singapore, from Andrew Singleton, Religion, Culture and Society: A Global Approach (© Andrew Singleton, 2014).

Inspection copies

Inspection copies are available for lecturers at academic institutions.

If you would like to request an inspection copy, please email details of your course and institution to: